During the project's construction phase, Cavan Builders Corp. will provide the construction services listed below:


A vital management tool of any project is the project schedule. The accuracy and management of the project schedule determines both the pulse and vitality of the project. Cavan Builders Corp. uses the Sure Track scheduling system. Sure Track not only creates a project schedule, it monitors the progress of the work throughout the whole project and provides completion percentages on a trade-by-trade basis for requisitioning. The two prime objectives of the project scheduling system,. which apply to both pre-construction and construction phase activities, are to:

  • Identify a method of achieving objectives through the development of a clearly defined, realistic flow of activities, indicating both duration of work activities and the number of subcontractors required to meet the objectives.
  • Provide a visual mean of conveying this schedule to all members of the project team, so the schedule can be monitored and updated as necessary to achieve client goals.

 Cavan Builders Corp. recognizes the importance of the scheduling process, and we use the following tools to determine the rate and sequence of work:


As the project nears completion, we will work to assure orderly project closeout and a smooth transition from construction to actual use of the facility by the client. Services we provide during project closeout include:


The Cavan Builders Corp. quality control program begins during the pre-construction phase and continues throughout the entire project. Using our prior experience on similar projects. Cavan Builders Corp. (under the leadership of the project manager), will work closely with the client during the design period to review design features and eliminate potential problems.

This effort will be followed by the thorough review of subcontractor shop drawings by the Project Engineer, to assure that trade contractor's planning conforms to the contract requirements. Once this review has been completed, problem areas can be discussed with the contractors and procedures for proper engineering staff, the project manager will carefully review thee items with the trade contractors so there is a complete and clear understanding of installation techniques and quality control standards.

The Project Manager oversees the inspection of shop fabrication and field installation. Where appropriate, materials and fabricated items will be inspected at the manufacturer's shops or plants, and again on site, to assure that all material is satisfactory prior to installation.

Additionally, the Project Manager performs final inspections, prepares the punch-list, and expedites the completion of work called for on such lists.


After the value and fixed cost of the project has been identified and accepted by the client, our cost control system will be implemented to monitor construction costs versus the approved estimate. Beginning with initial subcontract awards, the cumulative amount of committed funds will be monitored closely. From that point forward, data will be compared continuously to the approved estimate and will be updated.

Budget & Contract Status Report: This report is a combined cost and accounting report that provides cost and billing information by major work division. The original estimate is updated to reflect any scope development changes. Work in place, off-site material storage, reserves withheld, previous billing and current payments per trade division are represented in the summary analysis. This report is issued monthly with the Cavan Builders Corp. application for payment, and represents a powerful one-page summary of the client's total cost and payment position on the project.